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Wrapping up El Semestre

My saddest time in Madrid had to be those last few weeks before the Christmas holidays. All of my American and International friends were all leaving and not coming back, except for Charlotte :) It was a sad time, and we weren't looking forward to separating.

A week or two before my flight home to the US, we all took a bus out to the pre-New Years Eve party in Salamanca. Boy, what an experience that was. As soon as we got there (around 7pm), we headed to the convenient store to buy alcohol (naturally). Well, the cops yelled at us for having bottles in the street, so we went to the nearest McDonalds and poured everything into to-go cups. Genius, right! We headed to the main square where there was a huge gathering of people, a stage, and lights. It was muy divertido!!....as far as I can remember. Yeahh..I don't quite remember midnight :/ But, that's okay.

Well, at some point in the early hours of the morning, I snapped back into it. And, I was alone. And, my phone was dead. Great. Now, it was a little important that I find my friends because we were supposed to catch the bus back to Madrid at 4:30am or else I was going to be stuck there alone. And I didn't even know where the bus would be. But, I knew I had a few hours to spare and at that particular time, I wasn't too concerned yet. So, alone, I hopped in line to enter a bar/club where I chatted up a conversation with some random Spanish girl. We were conversing for a while when I happened to pick out my tall German friend, Florian, in the distance! I practically ditched the Spanish girl mid-sentence, ran over to Florian and clung to his side the rest of the night. Good thing I did too, because him and our friend Ryan were also alone and we never ran into anyone else from the group. I was saved.

The last night in Madrid before my flight out was definitely the most sad. It seemed like everyone was flying out on the same morning, so we all went out for one last hoo-rah. Camille's mom, grandmother and sister were in town, so all of us and Anda went to Lateral, our favorite and most delicious tapas place. After good food and a little wine, we ventured over to none other than Cien Montaditos (even thinking about that place makes me want to shed a tear). There, the group waited, and we laughed and drank for a while. I'm pretty sure we must have ended up at some bar or club, but by the end of the night, we ended up at the chocolateria, the main place for churros. That was it. I knew that this would be the last place we would all be together before we headed back to our separate apartments, and ultimately, separate cities in the morning. Aaand, I lost it. I'll admit, I think the effects of alcohol might have dramatized the situation a bit, but Camille, Anda and I just sat there sobbing and sobbing! It was indeed a depressing night. We knew we would see each other again, but we knew it would never be the same. We would never live the carefree lives together like we could, travel the weekend four weeks in a row and only stop when travelling started to feel like a job itself, or party until 4am every night for a straight week, because we had no other commitments or worries. Two years later, I still constantly reflect on the memories I made in those four months. And even now, I wish I could go back, even to just be a fly on the wall and watch all the craziness unfold! I loved every minute, even the bad times, and am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to make such amazing friends, travel to so many different places, and meet countless interesting people!

And that was only the first half........

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The Emerald Isle!!!! LOVE IRELAND!! Spectacular trip!!!

Just like we started...with our first trip outside of Spain to Switzerland, Anda, Camille and I made one last trip all together to explore Ireland. I don't know if it was one of my most favorite trips just because it held such sentimental value (because it was our last trip together), or if it really was just that awesome. Either way, we had an amazing time.

We first landed in Dublin, met up with Camille and hopped straight in the car. Driving on the left side of the road proved to be quite an experience in itself! We drove around in circles around Dublin looking for a GPS and once we had that, we were on our way to Galway! We were couchsurfing there, and as soon as we walked into the door, at least 5 Irishmen were there to greet us. One of them had even made us Shepherd's Pie. It was the perfect welcome to our trip. The guys were hilarious and they took us to a pub for a fun night out. They were definitely my favorite bunch. Oh, and when we got back from the pub, one of them had also made blood and white pudding! I thought it was pretty good.

The next morning, the girls and I woke up and had a full Irish breakfast at a restaurant the couchsurfer guys recommended. It was delish, and we pretty much ate that every morning for the next five days. Now, it's been 2 years since I we went to Ireland, so the trip is going to have to be more of a summary...and unorganized random thoughts.

We headed to the Cliffs of Moher, which, were gorgeous!...and windy! Soo windy. Like, I literally thought I was going to blow off the cliff. We continued to drive around the southern loop of Ireland, and then took a little detour around the ring of Kerry. We stayed at another couchfurfer's place where Anda accidentally corrupted all of her pictures. But, we purchased a program on my computer and she was able to recover them. Crisis averted. Not one day went by that we didn't see a rainbow (some days, multiple). It also rained, or at least misted every day, but I didn't mind because after all, it was Ireland and was expected, right?! Also, calling Ireland the emerald isle is the most accurate nickname it could have gotten. I expected it to be green, but it was even more so than I expected! Especially for the middle of winter, without any leaves on the trees, it was amazing how green all of the fields/grass still was.

We also saw so many castles, which, us girls would get giddy over every time we saw one. It was just so "cute" and fitting for the atmosphere (you had to be there). I was trying to take it all in but it was hard to stay in one spot for a very long time since we were on such a time crunch. One day, we pulled over to eat lunch at a really quaint restaurant on the beach. The sun had peeked out for just the perfect amount of time for us to capture some great photos. This restaurant, I might add, was the place I fell in love with muscles. I used to think I didn't like them, but now crave them time to time. Hmm what else. This is the place I spent the most money on gifts because I knew that mom and Moe would have loved to be there. Ahh I want to go back! Of course we kissed the Blarney stone, walked backwards up with Wishing Step, all that jazz you are supposed to when you visit Ireland. Anda and I even watched part of the movie, PS I Love You one night as we were going to bed, just so that we could really get into the Irish spirit. Of course, the entire trip we were so giddy and cheesy about how much we loved it there, but that's just me.

When we finally made our loop back to Dublin, we were couchsurfing with some guys who took us out on the 12 Pubs of Christmas. It was a grand ol time. Basically, you had to drink one pint of beer at 12 different pubs. We were given a sheet with rules and everything. I'm in love with the Irish sense of humor. I kept copies of that idea because I hope to do it here in the States sometime. So, that night was fun....from what I can remember...

The next morning, our last morning :( , we scurried around Dublin like nobody's biz. At one point, we stopped in a convenient store and a little girl, probably around 7 years old, was practicing her Irish jig/clogging (whatever it is called), just casually as her mother was checking out. I couldn't look away. That night, we ate corned beef and cabbage at a restaurant playing live music. All three of us almost died every time we heard a song we recognized! Because here we were, in Ireland, listening to REAL Irish music being played and sung by REAL Irish men. We were in love. And it was so magical.

Leaving was so sad, but I swear, I will be back. I have to go back! Reunion! Until next time.

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Oh jeeze, what to say about Amsterdam. Well, it's an interesting city, to say the least. It was fun though! They had the most delicious food!! Anda and I went crazy. For some reason, all you can eat rib places seemed to be quite popular, so we of course had to indulge.....twice. But let's back up and talk about the obvious...the Red Light District and weed. Yes I had heard about it, but in person it was still so weird to see. In the Red Light District, the women are literally right there, eye level with you, only separated by a glass and them dressed very provocatively and making hand signals to the men. They also have sections of different, well...preferences. There are certain areas where you will find say, Latinos, heavier women, black women, etc. Also, because some boxes/rooms are in better locations, those spots are more expensive for the prostitutes to rent out, but, in return, they are more likely to get better business, so it evens out. (Anda and I went on a walking tour). In general around Amsterdam, but especially in the RLD, there are TONS of sex shops and stripper clubs. It was just so weird to see how open they all were about it, which leads me to my next topic, marijuana. Yes, it is legal there, and is advertised everywhere. There were a lot of green establishments...bars and clubs. There are menus that basically look like food menus but it is all with terms of types of marijuana and joints and stuff. Anda and I looked at but honestly, we couldn't understand any of it! It was so weird. It all seemed so technical. I don't know, it was just weird being in a place where all of this stuff was legal and everyone was so open about it. Ok, on to normal stuff!

There were some more Christmas markets, which were really fun to see again. Around them was the BEST pancake place I have ever been to. They weren't normal pancakes that are in the States. First of all, they were HUGE. They were probably at least 12 inches in diameter. There were so many kinds you could get. We went there twice. The first time, we went around breakfast time. You could basically put anything you wanted in them, fruit, meat, veggies, sauces. There were dessert ones that looked amazing. I can't remember all of them, but I know we got one really meaty one which was amazing, a dessert one, which had apples, cinnamon, ice cream, whipped cream, etc., and i think Anda got a curry one at one point. Omg, so good. Anda and I still talk about that place.

Of course, we visited and took pictures of the famous "AMSTERDAM" giant letters, which was really close to the pancake place. We went to Anne Frank's house. That was so sad yet powerful. It was really incredible. I just kept reminding myself where I was and the events that took place there. I'm really happy we went, it was surreal. Also, Anda and I had the "Heineken Experience" at the Heineken brewery!! That was lots of fun!...and the factory was well organized and really fun and interesting. Side note, the canal's of Amsterdam were really cool. That's one of the things that made it so different from other cities I visited. You had to cross bridges all the time.

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Brussels & Bruges

Anda and I began our 12 day trip in Brussels! Two couchsurfing guys who we weren't staying with met us to hang out and took us to some restaurant that was reeeally good. And, it was awesome cause they paid for it all! Score. Then they took us to some local bar that had live music playing. Anddd...the singer was Irish, so Anda and I were loving the prelude for our Ireland trip!! The next day we woke of bright and early (of course) to begin our touring. All day we constantly just ate waffles and french fries. Oh, we did stop for some yummy scalloped potatoes at the Christmas market. The Christmas market was one of our favorite parts! It was really big had a lot of interesting and cute things. We drank hot red wine, ate some mussels, and even sat on Santa's lap! He was a little young looking if you ask me and was sitting in front of this really weird, random dragon/dinosaur blow-up maze thing for kids, but it was exciting nonetheless. We actually really liked Brussels, despite the locals even questioning why we came. We saw Manekin Pis (the statue of the little boy peeing), we went to a chocolate factory, went in some churches and saw some palaces (the usual), and just meandered the lovely streets. That night we went and saw the Atomium, a giant structure that looks like an atom and is lit up at night. It was pretty cool to see. After that, we met up with one of the couchsurfers from the night before and he took us around more of the Christmas market so we could see it at night. There was ice skating and tons of lights. Oh!!..there was even a light show with music that lit up the town square! It was so magical!..and it lasted a really long time. Brussel's was a success!

The next morning we woke up super early to go take the hour or so train to Bruges. We were leaving Brussels at 4pm for Amsterdam so we were on a tight schedule! That morning, the rain was HORRENDOUS!!! It was so windy, coming in all different directions. My suede shoes, the only shoes that I had brought got soaked. And, keep in mind that this was December and very cold outside. We we got to Bruges, it was still raining and my shoes were still wet. So what did we do? We went into the Disney themed ice sculpture display that was just outside of the train station. It was incredible but even more freezing than outside. My toes we on the verge of frostbite, I swear. After the rain stopped and we made a pit stop in H&M (men's section), I purchased another pair of shoes and we continued our tour. Bruges was AMAZING! It was so cute and absolutely beautiful! Again, we loaded up on the french fries and waffles, got some random chicken legs at the outdoor market (we felt we needed protein!), and bought lots of chocolate! For the next few hours we were running all around Bruges, completely camera crazy. On the train ride back we bought some true Belgian beer and ate our chocolate. It was a great time!

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Proud to be an American.

Thanksgiving was amazing!! I was soo impressed! I am so excited about how it all turned out. It definitely exceeded my expectations of Thanksgiving in Spain. So, Camille and I had been talking about doing our own Thanksgiving but towards the last minute we decided to join in with the other Americans in our circle of friends. I am so happy we did! Camille and I were in charge of desserts. We made a whole day of it. We went to the “Taste of America” store and bought all the necessities. We made a pumpkin cheesecake, pumpkin pie, an apple pie, and chocolate cake. While cooking, we enjoyed a box of some good ol’ American mac n’ cheese and we had the Macy’s Day Parade playing in the background. It was perfect.

Everyone turned out delicious. I was especially proud of the apple pie. I had never made one before and it turned out awesome. Also, for the chocolate cake, I made a turkey design with the icing. It was really cute!


When we arrived to the Americans’ apartment, I was very impressed to see appetizers laid out on the table. This was legit! And, football was streaming live on the computer…a perfect way to set the Thanksgiving ambiance!

All of us were American except for our two German friends (Florian and Matthias) who wanted to get the American experience! Funny story…so, one of the Americans gave a small list of things to pick up from the grocery store to Matthias. One of the things was cranberry sauce. Matthias came back with cranberry juice! It was really cute! Obviously he didn’t know what the real deal was and just got that. No one told him.

Dinner was outstanding. Kevin cooked and sliced the turkey. You could tell he was proud! We had everything! And, there was so much! I cannot describe how happy I was about this night! Everyone actually took it very seriously, which was something I was worried about since we had such a good group. But, it couldn’t have been more perfect. All of the food was incredible! Florian and Matthias were impressed too.


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Denmark & Sweden

Denmark was very nice. It was probably the most “normal” place (or, familiar seeming) I have been so far. I went with Camille, Tori, Soojin, and Chi. But, Tori hung out with her Danish boyfriend the majority of the time, Soojin and Chi were a pair and Camille and I went our own way. The weather was pretty cloudy the whole time but it added to it’s charm!

One thing that I loved about Copenhagen was all of the bikers! Bikes were everywhere! It was cold during the time we were there but I could imagine it in the summer with all of the people pedaling around! Very quaint. However, even in the frigid temperatures, people were scooting around on their bikes.

Camille and I stayed with some awesome couch surfers there. They were soo nice and even made us food a few times!! Plus the guy gave us his bed. It was great.

Copenhagen had these amazing hotdog stands that sold hotdogs in a form similar to those of the “Puka Dogs” in Hawaii. The bun was more like a roll with a hollow part in the middle that the person would stick the hotdog in. They were delish! Camille and I made many visits!

The city was very cute. It’s on the water, and one of the streets was particularly famous and is usually seen on postcards. The buildings were very colorful. We also saw the statue of the Little Mermaid that was inspired and based on the novel! So, for me, being the Disney fanatic that I am, it was very exciting!


On Saturday, we did a full day bus tour that went north of Copenhagen where we caught a ferry into Sweden, stopped at few towns in Sweden, and took another ferry back into Copenhagen.

As we took our first ferry, on the coast somewhere in Denmark, we passed by the castle that was supposedly Shakespeare’s inspiration and setting of his play, Hamlet. So, I’m just going to believe that is true and go with it! Pretty neat!

The people of Sweden (Denmark too) were all very nice. At first when I walked into a café in Sweden, the girl at the counted greeted us with what sounded like “Hey! Hey!”. At first I just thought that this one girl was full of enthusiasm or having a good day or something. But, after about the third place we walked into and were greeted all the same, I came to realize this was how they said hello in Swedish. I found it pretty amusing.

Swedish meatballs. Of course I had to buy them!! But, it was a little disappointing because apparently meatballs are not some specialty in Sweden. But, I bought and ate some anyway. At a restaurant for lunch I ordered moose! It was delish.

After we got back from Sweden, Camille and I went and saw the new “Twilight” movie!! Yes, ok, embarrassing, but it was a lot of fun! And, it was just super exciting in general to go to a movie theater for the first time since going to Europa! Denmark (and the majority of Europe in general) has a lot of “Kebob” places to eat. We went to one and got this interesting looking pizza that Tori told us we had to get that resembled more of salad toppings than your typical marinara and cheese. It was good though.

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The city of lovvve! :)

PARIS….the city of love! And who not better to share it with than my partner in crime, Sarah!! The Paris trip had a bit of a ruff start. I was left wandering the streets of Paris all by lonesome for almost 2 days after Sarah denied boarding onto her plane because of her food poisoning. So, after that sad bit of news, I thought I was going to be stuck in Paris for 5 days alone.

The first 2 days were definitely an experience, but not something I’d like to do again. Traveling alone, it’s not for me! I was seeing all these great things with no one to share it with. It was depressing! My first night I randomly met two girls from Ecuador when they asked me to take their picture in front of the Pyramid at the Louvre. I ended up walking around with them the rest of the night. On the second day, I joined in on a free group tour which was actually very interesting, and I learned some interesting things. Assuming that Sarah was never going to join me, I ended up climbing the Eiffel Tower all by myself. But, while waiting in line, I chatted it up with a family from Idaho which made me feel more at home and I met some boy on top of the tower that was my age. So, I guess it wasn’t too bad. Its just that, Paris is the city of love. It’s one thing to be alone in some random city. But Paris, the place that you are supposed to visit with at least some sort of companion…well, being alone is just not allowed. So, you could imagine my excitement when I walked into the front door of the place I was sitting and there was Sarah!!!


We had to make up for lost time so our time together was nothing short of busy. We saw the Notre Dame, saw the Moulin Rouge and “pigalle” area (the “raunchy “ part of the city..interesting), the Louvre, Versailles Palace, the Eiffel Tower and more. The Eiffel tower was beauteous! And, watching it illuminate at night every hour was mesmerizing! I even took my madre’s t-shirt that she bought in Paris years ago and took a picture in front of the Eiffel tower wearing it.


The Mona Lisa was neat to see. It was pretty tiny, but still cool that we were right there, in front of the real thing. We also got to see the Code of Hammurabi and Aphrodite.


The food was amazinggg. It was such a nice change from the food in Madrid. Every we had was delicious. Of course there were crepes. I had mine with Nutella, the popular out here. Croissants, French fries, French onion soup…all of the cliché things!

When Sarah and I went to Versailles and were waiting in line, a group of Asian boys (who didn’t speak English) asked us to take pictures with them! I think they thought we were French. After all, we were wearing berets!

One day, we rented bikes for 1.50 Euro and touring around the city. It was great! And, it was such a better way to see the city than traveling underground in a smelly metro.

On our last day, I took Sarah to this bridge that I had learned about on my walking tour. The bars on the sides of the bridge were covered with locks. The story is that you and your significant other write your names and the date on the lock, attach it to one of the bars, and simultaneously throw the keys into the river below. This must be done with a lock that requires keys because throwing the keys away represents the “eternity of your bond” haha. No combination locks are allowed so that you cant go back later and take it off! So, of course Sarah and I had to do it to represent our unbreakable friendship!

Hmm, what else..I guess dats it! It was one of my favorite trips!..not that I haven’t enjoyed every single one!

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Not gonna lie, it wasn’t my favorite Halloween. Europe just doesn’t do it the same over here! First of all, they just don’t get as into it as we do here. It is still a new thing to Spain and majority of people don’t even celebrate it, so that’s kind of boring! Second, of the people who do celebrate it, it is more about the “scariness” of the costume. Which, ok, I guess that is how it all originally started. But, I like to get creative with my costumes, you know! But, this year, Halloween was basically a fail. Because of my lack of inspiration, I wasn’t very motivated. I ended up be an “Indian” with Charlotte and Anda. It was still a lot of fun, but nothing compares to the good ol’ US of A.

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Obrigado :)

Portugal was gorgeous. This trip was more relaxing because for once I didn’t stress about planning where to visit, what to eat, etc. The group European Vibe took one bus full of students. But, it was by far the most uncomfortable bus I’ve ever been on. My tall German friend, Florian, had to lay on the floor under the seats basically the entire time because he couldn’t fit in the seat! This trip was especially a lot of fun because I knew a lot of the people on it.

We first arrived in Lagos on Friday morning. The hotel was extremely nice, and HUGE! It was pretty awesome. But, of course we didn’t spend much time there. We immediately left to head into the town and grab some breakfast. I was excited to order a milkshake (just because they offered them) but when it came out it was basically just chocolate milk…not frozen at all. Wtf? Talk about disappointment! Lagos was a cute town. The majority of the buildings/houses were white and gave you that tropical vibe.

After breakfast, the group leaders that we were with set us up to go on a “booze cruise”! It was amazing. Sure, it was basically just a drinking fest but it was very beautiful as well. They sailed us along the coast of Portugal where we had some great views of cliffs and caves. It was incredible. And, since I had a huge group of friends that went on this trip, it made it that much merrier. Then, after about an hour of shoving sangria and beer down our throats, they suggested we jump off the side of the boat into the ocean…no lifejackets, no ropes. Throwing a bunch of drunk college students into the ocean…dangerous much!? Ha but of course we were all for it! And, indeed I consider myself an excellent swimmer so I went for it! Some of the other people though….it probably wasn’t the best idea! Still, all made it out alive.


After the booze cruise a few friends and I went down to the beach to play in the ocean and catch some rays. Sarah, Camille and I decided to climb a huge rock in the middle of the water. Well, it was more like a conglomerate of just sharp seashells and sand. We made it to the top but were left with scrapes and bruises all along our arms and legs.


That night, we went to a bar for a bit to socialize but Sarah and I went back to the hotel early to rest up for the next day’s activities.

When I woke up the next morning, the bottom of my right foot was on FIRE. I could put absolutely no pressure on it. It felt like a round rock was implanted into my skin. Conclusion: I must have cut the bottom of my foot from “rock” climbing the day before, didn’t realize, sand got wedged into it…infection. It only looked like a scratch but after future Dr. Camille took a look at it and pointed out the deep red and yellow that was surrounding it, she decided it was a problem. So, I endured the whole rest of the day limping around trying not to put any pressure on the bottom…which was very hard considering the terrain we walked on that day was compacted with hills and uneven cobblestone. Not fun.

But, the rest of the journey and sights did compensate for my excruciating pain. After breakfast we got back on the bus and made our way to Lisbon. They dumped us off at the city center and we toured around multiple landmarks including a few castles, monuments, overlooks, etc. It was a beautiful city but a few of us agreed that it would have been so much nicer if they had kept the city cleaner and had maintained it better. But, I suppose that was part of it’s charm as well. For dinner my group of friends and I went to a restaurant all together. The waiters loved us! At the end, they even gave us all free shots. It was great!

That night we went into the town and ended up in the middle of some very narrow roads bar hopping. The streets were PACKED with people. Looking back I was in a pretty crummy mood because of my foot. But, it would have been a blast if I would have been more mobile!

Portugal is a trip I will never forget. Every time I hear the some Danza Kuduro, it will forever remind me of Portugal! ☺/☹

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Sarah en Madrid!!

Reunion of the BBA

I got the lovely surprise just one week ahead that Sarah was going to come visit me!! Our reunion was epic! After going over 5 months (with the exception of one day) without seeing each other, it was quite the celebration. It was sooo good to see her. I was comforting…having someone there in Madrid with me, because everything/everyone was still pretty foreign to me.

Our first day was spent walking around and sightseeing. We ate dinner at Plaza Mayor. That night, we loaded up on the ice cream and watched Vampire Diaries! This was our night of “catching up” and to spend our time as if we were in good ol’ ‘merica! It was exactly what I needed!

The next morning we walked around some more and made our way over to Parque Retiro. It was a beautiful day and the weather was nice and warm. We rented one of the little boats together and paddled around the lake in front of the Palace. It was very romantic! There was even a saxophone player serenading us in the distance. After my class, we started our night off in Puerta del Sol and went bar hopping. It was pretty fun. We ended up meeting some Russian kid our age and hanging out with him the rest of the night. Just so that Sarah could have the experience, we stayed up until 6am and went to the churros place. They were delish.

The next day, Sarah came to my International Marketing class with me where we spent the time eating snacks and playing Hangman…very studious on my part! She liked my French friend, Sebastian, who we were getting to say words in his French accent because they just sounded better. That night we went to Orange Café and later the club Pacha. At Orange, we got ourselves in on a game of beer pong. It was my first time playing it (and seeing it) since being in Spain. Only with Sarah. Orange was alright, but then we made our way over to Pacha where things got interesting ☺. Long story short, we met some random Nicaraguan guys who gave us free drinks, I sat on and crushed a glass (my leg got pretty cut!), and at one point we got on the stage with other friends and danced the night away.

Thursday we headed over to the Palacio Real and went inside the Cathedral. I had never been inside the Cathedral and it was quite beauteous! For dinner we dressed up and went to La Barraca, a really good place to get paella that I had been for Chi’s birthday. We dined on rosé wine, croquets, bread, and paella. Oh, and sarah claims to have the best coffee of her entire life there. It met our standards.

Later that night we hopped on the bus with European Vibe to head for Portugal…..

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