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Wrapping up El Semestre

My saddest time in Madrid had to be those last few weeks before the Christmas holidays. All of my American and International friends were all leaving and not coming back, except for Charlotte :) It was a sad time, and we weren't looking forward to separating.

A week or two before my flight home to the US, we all took a bus out to the pre-New Years Eve party in Salamanca. Boy, what an experience that was. As soon as we got there (around 7pm), we headed to the convenient store to buy alcohol (naturally). Well, the cops yelled at us for having bottles in the street, so we went to the nearest McDonalds and poured everything into to-go cups. Genius, right! We headed to the main square where there was a huge gathering of people, a stage, and lights. It was muy divertido!!....as far as I can remember. Yeahh..I don't quite remember midnight :/ But, that's okay.

Well, at some point in the early hours of the morning, I snapped back into it. And, I was alone. And, my phone was dead. Great. Now, it was a little important that I find my friends because we were supposed to catch the bus back to Madrid at 4:30am or else I was going to be stuck there alone. And I didn't even know where the bus would be. But, I knew I had a few hours to spare and at that particular time, I wasn't too concerned yet. So, alone, I hopped in line to enter a bar/club where I chatted up a conversation with some random Spanish girl. We were conversing for a while when I happened to pick out my tall German friend, Florian, in the distance! I practically ditched the Spanish girl mid-sentence, ran over to Florian and clung to his side the rest of the night. Good thing I did too, because him and our friend Ryan were also alone and we never ran into anyone else from the group. I was saved.

The last night in Madrid before my flight out was definitely the most sad. It seemed like everyone was flying out on the same morning, so we all went out for one last hoo-rah. Camille's mom, grandmother and sister were in town, so all of us and Anda went to Lateral, our favorite and most delicious tapas place. After good food and a little wine, we ventured over to none other than Cien Montaditos (even thinking about that place makes me want to shed a tear). There, the group waited, and we laughed and drank for a while. I'm pretty sure we must have ended up at some bar or club, but by the end of the night, we ended up at the chocolateria, the main place for churros. That was it. I knew that this would be the last place we would all be together before we headed back to our separate apartments, and ultimately, separate cities in the morning. Aaand, I lost it. I'll admit, I think the effects of alcohol might have dramatized the situation a bit, but Camille, Anda and I just sat there sobbing and sobbing! It was indeed a depressing night. We knew we would see each other again, but we knew it would never be the same. We would never live the carefree lives together like we could, travel the weekend four weeks in a row and only stop when travelling started to feel like a job itself, or party until 4am every night for a straight week, because we had no other commitments or worries. Two years later, I still constantly reflect on the memories I made in those four months. And even now, I wish I could go back, even to just be a fly on the wall and watch all the craziness unfold! I loved every minute, even the bad times, and am so thankful to have been given the opportunity to make such amazing friends, travel to so many different places, and meet countless interesting people!

And that was only the first half........

Posted by kellyrburns 13:13

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