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The Emerald Isle!!!! LOVE IRELAND!! Spectacular trip!!!

Just like we started...with our first trip outside of Spain to Switzerland, Anda, Camille and I made one last trip all together to explore Ireland. I don't know if it was one of my most favorite trips just because it held such sentimental value (because it was our last trip together), or if it really was just that awesome. Either way, we had an amazing time.

We first landed in Dublin, met up with Camille and hopped straight in the car. Driving on the left side of the road proved to be quite an experience in itself! We drove around in circles around Dublin looking for a GPS and once we had that, we were on our way to Galway! We were couchsurfing there, and as soon as we walked into the door, at least 5 Irishmen were there to greet us. One of them had even made us Shepherd's Pie. It was the perfect welcome to our trip. The guys were hilarious and they took us to a pub for a fun night out. They were definitely my favorite bunch. Oh, and when we got back from the pub, one of them had also made blood and white pudding! I thought it was pretty good.

The next morning, the girls and I woke up and had a full Irish breakfast at a restaurant the couchsurfer guys recommended. It was delish, and we pretty much ate that every morning for the next five days. Now, it's been 2 years since I we went to Ireland, so the trip is going to have to be more of a summary...and unorganized random thoughts.

We headed to the Cliffs of Moher, which, were gorgeous!...and windy! Soo windy. Like, I literally thought I was going to blow off the cliff. We continued to drive around the southern loop of Ireland, and then took a little detour around the ring of Kerry. We stayed at another couchfurfer's place where Anda accidentally corrupted all of her pictures. But, we purchased a program on my computer and she was able to recover them. Crisis averted. Not one day went by that we didn't see a rainbow (some days, multiple). It also rained, or at least misted every day, but I didn't mind because after all, it was Ireland and was expected, right?! Also, calling Ireland the emerald isle is the most accurate nickname it could have gotten. I expected it to be green, but it was even more so than I expected! Especially for the middle of winter, without any leaves on the trees, it was amazing how green all of the fields/grass still was.

We also saw so many castles, which, us girls would get giddy over every time we saw one. It was just so "cute" and fitting for the atmosphere (you had to be there). I was trying to take it all in but it was hard to stay in one spot for a very long time since we were on such a time crunch. One day, we pulled over to eat lunch at a really quaint restaurant on the beach. The sun had peeked out for just the perfect amount of time for us to capture some great photos. This restaurant, I might add, was the place I fell in love with muscles. I used to think I didn't like them, but now crave them time to time. Hmm what else. This is the place I spent the most money on gifts because I knew that mom and Moe would have loved to be there. Ahh I want to go back! Of course we kissed the Blarney stone, walked backwards up with Wishing Step, all that jazz you are supposed to when you visit Ireland. Anda and I even watched part of the movie, PS I Love You one night as we were going to bed, just so that we could really get into the Irish spirit. Of course, the entire trip we were so giddy and cheesy about how much we loved it there, but that's just me.

When we finally made our loop back to Dublin, we were couchsurfing with some guys who took us out on the 12 Pubs of Christmas. It was a grand ol time. Basically, you had to drink one pint of beer at 12 different pubs. We were given a sheet with rules and everything. I'm in love with the Irish sense of humor. I kept copies of that idea because I hope to do it here in the States sometime. So, that night was fun....from what I can remember...

The next morning, our last morning :( , we scurried around Dublin like nobody's biz. At one point, we stopped in a convenient store and a little girl, probably around 7 years old, was practicing her Irish jig/clogging (whatever it is called), just casually as her mother was checking out. I couldn't look away. That night, we ate corned beef and cabbage at a restaurant playing live music. All three of us almost died every time we heard a song we recognized! Because here we were, in Ireland, listening to REAL Irish music being played and sung by REAL Irish men. We were in love. And it was so magical.

Leaving was so sad, but I swear, I will be back. I have to go back! Reunion! Until next time.

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